Voyagers’ American Sign Language Camp

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American Sign Language: Open to Ages 8-16

Many Universities and Colleges, as well as High Schools, are accepting ASL (American Sign Language) as an acceptable foreign language requirement. The list includes over 180 universities, as well as Ivy League Schools. Both the popularity and interest in this language continue to grow! There is a great need for people who know ASL across many different occupations too.

During our American Sign Language program this summer, campers will learn a variety of signs for words within the categories of spelling, numbers, colors, people, weather, places and more. Importantly, signs that students desire to learn will always be covered. This is important, as evidence shows that students will continue to use the language if they have access to the signs they want to communicate. Learning signs will be reinforced through fun activities, such as playing games, signing songs, storytelling, and even creating art projects!

With practice, ASL students in this summer program will sign all the words that are taught during their time together. They will learn to communicate with others using ASL while having fun with a new language that engages considerable cognitive functions and emotional connections and is just plain fun.  

The Teacher

Francesca Devito is extremely passionate about teaching and tutoring students studying American Sign Language. Her goal is to continue to spread awareness of the Deaf community as well as helping hearing people develop sign language skills and build upon the foundation of enhanced interest in ASL!

Francesca is a college graduate of an interpreter training program located in New Jersey. She has interpreted for the deaf community in professional settings as well as volunteer occasions such as the New Jersey Special Olympics. She has been teaching and interpreting in sign language since the beginning of her education

The Details

The program is open to children with or without previous sign language knowledge. To ensure an optimal learning experience the teacher will determine the best grouping for all campers. Enroll in all three sessions or select the ones that work best for you and your child. Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 9:00-2:00.

June 26 – July 7
July 10 – 21
August 7 – August 18

Each day begins with a campers’ gathering 9:15 and ends with an all-camp close-of-the-day celebration of “What great things have we done today?” at 1:45.

And in the middle… Instruction, outside games, lunch, special guests, and dozens of other moments. Children will grow more and more confident as they master ASL and make new, lifelong friends.

$   750  for one 2-week session
$1,425  for two 2-week session
$2,025 for all three sessions

Enrollment for this camp program is limited, so reserve a place today!

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