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Q: What is Indexed Tuition?

A: There are many Indexed Tuition FAQs. Indexed tuition provides a move away from the traditional approach to tuition costs and financial aid. It is an innovative model for determining the right tuition investment for every student, in every family. This approach sets tuition for each student based on family need.

Q: Why adopt Indexed Tuition?

A: The Board of Directors is determined to make a Voyagers’ education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. They want to avoid the “sticker shock” that occurs when families are presented with only the upper end of tuition. Recruiting other families to share in the costs and benefits of our school allows us to provide the support students’ need. A Voyagers’ education is an investment in a child who loves coming to school every day. We serve a young person who develops a strong sense of self, and provide for a graduate who is prepared to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

Q: Does Indexed Tuition affect the quality of education offered by the school?

A: Voyagers’ continues to provide small class sizes. It also provides all the academic, intellectual, artistic, aesthetic, social and emotional support students need, and that we are noted for.

Q: Must I complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

A: No, this application is not required. If you choose not to complete the application you will pay the upper-most tuition for your child’s class.

Q: Must a non-custodial parent complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

A: Non-custodial parents must also complete the application for Indexed Tuition. Both parents retain the obligation to contribute what they can afford to the education of their children. This is regardless of any divorce or agreements stating otherwise. Each parent’s responsibility to pay tuition is determined by a family’s ability to meet educational expenses. Each parent’s data is combined to determine tuition. Information provided by each parent remains confidential throughout the process.

Q: What happens if a non-custodial parent does not complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

If one parent decides to forego submission of the Indexed Tuition Application that parent will be deemed to be able to pay full tuition. This may result in a greater share of tuition being paid by one parent as compared to the other.

Q: Will submitting an application for Indexed Tuition hurt my children’s likelihood of being accepted?

A: Determination of tuition levels is a separate function from the admission process. An Indexed Tuition Application does not affect a child’s likelihood of being accepted.

Q: When will we find out the tuition level for our child(ren)?

A: Tuition levels will be indicated in the letter offering admission and in the enrollment contracts sent out electronically.

Q: Does Indexed Tuition continue throughout a student’s time at Voyagers’ Community School?

A: Each student’s financial need is calculated annually. Therefore families are required to complete and submit an application for Indexed Tuition and submit all required financial information for each year that they wish to be considered for indexed tuition.

Q: What happens when a second child applies to enter Voyagers’?

A: Once the admission process has been completed and the child is accepted, the family’s financial circumstances will be reviewed. TADS will determine to what extent further discount levels are available for multi-child families.

Q: What happens when family members or others contribute to tuition on behalf of a Voyagers’ student?

A: Voyagers’ expects honesty from all of its families. If a grandparent or other individual is contributing to a child’s education this must be reported on your TADS application. If support is received after tuition has been determined the school must be notified. A tuition adjustment may apply in some cases.

Q: If I am receiving an indexed tuition contract and my financial situation changes for the better, what do I do?

A: Families, who receive Indexed Tuition contracts and have a positive change of financial status, are expected to inform the school. Again, Voyagers’ expects honesty from all of its families.

Q: If my financial situation changes and I have a need for assistance that I didn’t have before, what do I do?

A: You should contact TADS and provide information on the financial changes you are experiencing. You should also write a letter to the school requesting a reconsideration of your Indexed Tuition level and provide as much supporting information as possible.

Q: If I receive an Indexed Tuition contract but I do not believe that it will enable me to enroll my child at Voyagers’, what should I do?

A: Families, who receive an Indexed Tuition contract at a level that they do not believe is sustainable, should contact the school directly. They should request a review of their application. All requests for review must be in writing and must specifically state the financial reasons behind the request. In these cases, an index adjustment or Scholarship will be considered.

Q: How will you treat our application if one parent does not work?

A: Voyagers’ works to treat all families equally. When there are no pre-school age children in the home, we assume that both parents are employed. If one parent chooses not to work, we will assign a second income equivalent to full tuition, to that parent for the purpose of calculating the family’s estimated tuition contribution.

Q: When will tuition be set for each school year?

A: Each year, the Board of Directors will establish the indexed tuition range at their Winter meeting.

Q: Does Voyagers’ offer financial aid?

A: Rather than financial aid, Voyagers’ offers indexed tuition. We are committed to making our school accessible and affordable to families from a broad range of economic circumstances. This tuition approach enables each family, enrolling a child full time, to receive an enrollment contract and tuition rate based on their individual financial situation. Families who participate in Indexed Tuition will benefit, with fair and equitable tuition rates.

While we expect all families to contribute to the cost of our school, we also expect that 65-75% of Voyagers’ families will benefit from participating in this program. Indexed tuition often bridges a gap that often seems too wide. Typically, although not guaranteed, families earning $110,000 or less qualify for Indexed Tuition. Some families, earning more but grappling with extenuating circumstances, such as multiple college tuitions or elder care cost may qualify as well.

If financial concerns are the barrier to admission, we encourage you to apply for Indexed Tuition.

Q: Can I make a donation to support the school’s effort to provide Indexed Tuition?

A: You sure can!  It would be greatly appreciated.  Just click on the donation button or Click Here.