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Stream Report

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Outdoor Program Students in the River

As the Outdoor Program continues it’s Weather Unit in Science, student’s have begun writing their own weather reports. After looking at a fishing report from the Gunpowder River in Maryland, students decided that they could write their own daily report for the Husky Brook Stream Report (http://www.backwaterangler.com/category/fishing-report/).

During a discussion students brainstormed all the parameters of the Husky Brook that could be measured and included in their report. They came up with water temperature, air temperature, flow rate and a fish and wildlife report. In order to gauge the students’ abilities and to set a standard for individual student stream reports, they were placed in groups of 5 or 6 and assigned a section of the stream. In their groups, students worked together to write a stream report. The group with the best stream report would be the first to have a report on our CHIRP! page of our website (www.voyagersoutdoor.weebly.com).

Husky Brook Stream Report

The winning report was then used as the standard for each student’s individual stream report. A rubric was made using the winning report as a model (https://www.learner.org/workshops/hswriting/interactives/rubric/rubric.php).

In addition, reading about the Gunpowder River’s flow rate made our students wonder how they could estimate the Husky Brook’s flow rate. This led to the students making estimates and trying a few new techniques when writing their initial reports. In reviewing each group’s stream report, it was found that all three groups had differing flow rates. So, the teacher asked each group to report how exactly they established their flow rates. Each group used a different approach. The students relied on impressive critical thinking skills in order to measure a flow rate. However, the ways in which they measured were not exactly accurate. A Science lesson was in order. Using information garnered from the website, http://www.appropedia.org/How_to_measure_stream_flow_rate, the class returned to the Husky Brook where they recalculated the stream flow rate together. Now, students can use this technique to measure the flow rate when it is their turn to write the report.

Outdoor Stream Report
Each day we are outside, a new student is chosen to write the Husky Brook Stream Report for the day. To read the reports, go to our CHIRP! page at www.voyagersoutdoor.weebly.com/CHIRP!.

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