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Emma Nuneviller

Teaching Associate, Preschool

Emma has always had a passion for helping students to see their full potential by learning in ways that works best for them. Her alma mater, Lasell College, helped to nurture this passion through many teaching experiences in public, private, and charter schools. While at Lasell, Emma was hand selected to teach on the island of Antigua. While there she was fully emerged into the culture, and curriculums of the island. She also was able to do professional development and educate the teachers on the island about the Universal Design for Learning, which is a set of guidelines that helps teachers plan lessons that incorporate the learning types of all the students in the class. It was a truly memorable experience that taught Emma that alternative schools is where she felt that she could make the biggest impact on the children and they could on her as well.

She graduated with a BA in Curriculum and Instruction from Lasell College in May of 2015 and joined Voyagers' in September of that year. Just as Voyagers' was learning to use their new facility, she was learning about the philosophy of the school alongside its students and other faculty members. She has attended the Progressive Educators Network conference in New York, the Association of Constructivist Teaching conference at Kean College, and went through intensive training to become a certified tutor in the practices of Lindamood-Bell. Through these many experiences of professional development, and the everyday experiences that Voyagers' provides for her, she has grown to better understand the Reggio Emilia and Progressive philosophies of the Preschool/Toddler program. Emma is excited to experience another school year, create memories, and continue to learn with her Voyagers' family!

"Great things never come from comfort zones” -Anonymous

The Voyagers school is very unique and helps to foster creativity, academic growth, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and more. The teachers are loving, supportive, receptive to feedback and concerns, and attentive to the individual kid’s needs. For me, I wanted an environment for our children that was exactly this and I see how they strongly implement the vision that the founding director, Karen Giuffre, has laid out. They operate on integrity, and it’s very clear with even how they do their financial aid on a sliding scale (most private schools have set tuition prices). It is clear that they have sacrificed a lot, to hold true to their vision of having a space for children to grow and develop successfully. I do think that this school may not be for every family, and I think it’s important to get clear about what kind of education you want for your child/children. Do your research, ask questions, visit the school and take things from there! Again, both my husband and I are very impressed with the school. We also love how they get outdoors a lot, as I know that this helps to develop children’s brains in a positive way. Kids learn so much outdoors in nature! The approach is nontraditional which is a plus for me as that is what I know to be effective in child development.

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