Voyagers' Community School Testimonials

The Voyagers school is very unique and helps to foster creativity, academic growth, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and more. The teachers are loving, supportive, receptive to feedback and concerns, and attentive to the individual kid’s needs. For me, I wanted an environment for our children that was exactly this and I see how they strongly implement the vision that the founding director, Karen Giuffre, has laid out. They operate on integrity, and it’s very clear with even how they do their financial aid on a sliding scale (most private schools have set tuition prices). It is clear that they have sacrificed a lot, to hold true to their vision of having a space for children to grow and develop successfully. I do think that this school may not be for every family, and I think it’s important to get clear about what kind of education you want for your child/children. Do your research, ask questions, visit the school and take things from there! Again, both my husband and I are very impressed with the school. We also love how they get outdoors a lot, as I know that this helps to develop children’s brains in a positive way. Kids learn so much outdoors in nature! The approach is nontraditional which is a plus for me as that is what I know to be effective in child development.

The most amazing school. Caring and wonderful teachers and staff in a warm, nurturing and challenging environment. Our son benefited immensely from his years there.

My son struggled in private schools whose sole objective was to force children who learn differently to learn the way our public schools want to teach them. They’ve missed the point entirely which is to help children learn and grow into well-rounded members of a community in a way that capitalizes on their skills. The turn-around for my son is nothing short of miraculous. At Voyagers he loves going to school, has entered honors classes and enjoys his role in a community of teachers and students who help and support each other. Voyagers Community Schools teaching methods allow children to learn, mature and excel in a safe environment. When children enjoy learning they learn more. Simply put.

Voyagers’ is a school that it true to its mission statement where children are honored, respected and challenged to do and be their very best. Teachers are 100% dedicated to motivating their students by relating the environment and their everyday life to what they will be learning in the academic classroom. As a parent of a Voyagers’ high school student, I wished we had known about the school earlier on. Traditional private school was not able to tap into my son’s sense of curiosity, learning differences and need to be challenged for his unique intellect, the way Voyagers’ did. Having the ability to take college courses for credit while still attending the high school was a big plus as well. The defining end result was a young man who graduated confident and with a keen sense of accomplishment and desire to keep learning.

Diane Rappoport

I think this school is amazing. Such a phenomenal founding mission and programs for children. 5 stars!

Rachel Kutner

From the serene, intentional environment, to the low student teacher ratio, the mixed aged grouping, to the community involvement, the time spent outdoors, to the child-led activities Voyager’s School is the best place for my children to receive their education.

Jessica Clayton reviewed Voyagers' Community School — 5 star

Our daughter has flourished beyond expectation since starting at Voyagers this school year. Her learning and academic progress has blown us away and her sense of belonging and community is fantastic. Her teachers Matt and Lucas are amazing. Karen and her whole team have created an exceptional and perhaps ideal learning environment where kids own their lives and their learning. And also take care of each other like a real community.

Christine Moutier reviewed Voyagers' Community School — 5 star