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Parent's Organization

Parent's Organization

Getting Involved in the Voyagers’ Community Organization

Since Voyagers' opened its doors in 2004, in a church community room as a homeschool resource center for with 17 children, parents have been an integral part of our community.  

They have written thoughtful and complimentary reviews, referred neighbors and friends, volunteered, and provided financial support beyond tuition. This involvement is essential to our good health. It is also a vote of confidence in our school. The best private schools thrive in part because parents, grandparents, and friends are involved.


Parents who volunteer get to know the adults who interact with their children and build friendships with families who reflect shared values and compatible goals. This commonality leads to more meaningful communication, as parents share ideas about educating and raising children, and bolster events and experiences for each student.

Volunteers help keep tuition low, as they do jobs that would otherwise come from the school's budget. They also help shape education by sharing their visions, personal skills and talents, and feedback from their children and other community numbers.  In the end, when parents get involved, children thrive too.

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