Elementary Summer Camp – Ages 5-14

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Far from your ordinary Elementary summer camp, our summer camp works just like our school. Children express their interests and we help them build experiences in response. We provide the space, instruction as needed, and state of the art technology and supplies, in an easily accessible fashion. This is where the learning begins and friendships are made.

Children choose to visit many Creativity Labs each day or dig deep in one Lab all summer. They dive into meaningful activities that capture their imagination. They bring ideas to life. Everything they need is right at their fingertips, including experienced Counselors to guide, instruct, and encourage.

There are so many unique aspects to our summer camp. All Creativity Labs are open every day, with unlimited activities to choose from. Kids go where they want, to do want they want. Campers move freely about the building and the secured yard because counselors are right on hand to help them.

Six Exciting Creativity Labs

When given the chance, kids are budding scientists. Botanist, veterinarians, marine biologists, environmentalists and chemists in the kitchen will love our super-cool lab. Pop, Fizz, bubble, look through a microscope, pet, feed, shampoo, plant, grow, harvest and cook… These are only some of the things our science seekers will do.

Kids love to tell stories. Create storyboards, stop-motion animation and live-action movies, set to original music with iPads, iMovie, Animation Stations and Green Screen Technology. Kids sing, mix electronic music, strike up a band with a drum machine and digital guitars and keyboards, and record like a professional.

Electronics and Engineering
Kids see the world through the eyes of an engineer. At the E2 Center, they solve problems through discovery, based on everyday challenges. Kids check out gravity, air pressure, and material properties. They build, test and launch rockets, planes and rovers. They explore flight, soldering and circuitry, Arduino, optics and light, and fun and practical gadgets.

What happens when you sit kids in front of a sewing machine, offer them an iPad Pro and an Apple Pen, set out easels and artist’s paint and canvas? Their creativity shines. Whether hand or machine sewing, creating a digital storyboard, knitting or crocheting or sculpting with clay their imaginations flourishes and their confidence soars.

Machines and Math
Kids test their hand at 2D sketching and 3D modeling and printing, game design, robotics, and experimenting with potential and kinetic energy while building catapults, rollercoasters, and balloon-powered cars. They investigate physics and engineering through logic and problem-solving at their own pace, with guidance. They innovate.

Organic Gardening, Big Games, Mud Kitchen, Tree Climbing and so much more.

Summer Camp Details

Thursday, June 26th – Friday, August 25th
9:30 – 3:30

Of course, we have before and after play too:
8:00-6:00, All for the same price! By appointment only

Each day begins with a campers’ gathering 9:30 and ends with an all-camp, close-of-the-day celebration of “What great things have we done today?” at 3:00.

And in the middle… Activity Labs, outside games, lunch, special guests, and dozens of other moments. Children chase their passions, explore their curiosities, take ownership of their work and play and make lots of new friends.

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No need to get locked into 8 weeks, 4 weeks or even 2 weeks. Register your camper, buy Day Passes, either 20-day, 5-day or 1-day, and use them as you’d like. Rates are per child, each sibling must have the number of Day Passes necessary to qualify for the rates below. Day Passes can be shared between siblings if they are on the same day pass rate at the time of exchange. If Jack and Jill each have a 20-Day Pass and Jack only used 15 days he can give his remaining 5 days to Jill, who can now come to camp for 25 days. If your child loves our camp you can upgrade your plan and have your previous purchases credited towards the larger plan. We always guarantee the lowest rate available.

Want to secure your children’s weeks? You can do that too by purchasing The Whole Shebang, 9-weeks plus 2 days of summer fun for our lowest price!

Camp Rates

*Select enrollment options for your children, provide a deposit, and pay in full by June 15th:

The Whole Shebang, $100 per day – $4,600
20-day pass, $110 per day – $2,200
5-day pass, $120 per day – $600
1-day pass, $140 per day


Sibling – Each additional sibling attending any of our summer programs will receive a 5% discount on the lowest registration fee.

Select 6 or more weeks and receive 10% off each week.

You can combine discounts up to a maximum of 20% off.

Tours are available for campers and parents. We are just a phone call away. Attend Saturday Explorers to participate in Camp-like activities. At Voyagers’ Community School and Summer Camp, we trust kids and they always prove us right!

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