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Lana Leonard

Lana Leonard
Toddler Teaching Assistant

Having years of experience with children of all age groups comes Lana Leonard, our toddler room teacher’s associate.  22-year-old, Brooklyn native, Lana started working with children as a camp counselor in 2009, Lana has had years of experience working with Ocean Township school district. Taking a position at Ocean Township’s aftercare program, serving all of the district’s elementary schools, gave Lana an expansive relationship and impact with their* community’s youth ranging grades K-4.

Additionally, while completing their associates in Journalism at Brookdale Community College, Lana began working with an education initiative program called The Innovation Network (TIN). This program is designed to bring student-led, project-based learning into college classrooms while connecting to global issues at large. Lana was a co-project leader for this trailblazing venture and had the opportunity to co-profess a college classroom for which students had to meet the guidelines set out by Lana and the designated classroom professor.

While in these leadership positions, focusing on education and journalism, Lana has and continues to advocate for inclusive education. Since 2014 Lana has spearheaded activist work with GLSEN Central New Jersey an education network for LGBTQ+ youth, parents, educators, and allies. In this organization, Lana has helped widen LGBTQ+ education policies through forums, workshops, writing, journalism, and their media outlet. Having the privilege to talk to people and students of all ages about their lives, rights, and policies in their education, Lana has exuded the mission to ensure that no child leaves a room without respect, love, and empathy.

Through creativity and a passion for life, Lana gives their Voyagers’ toddlers the best of themself. Lana only hopes that the students leave the day having as much fun as possible, learning incredible things while feeling loved and cared for.

Presently, Lana is working on completing their degree in journalism, while freelancing for businesses and magazines, composing a mini-documentary for a touring punk band, a poetry manuscript, amongst growing their media outlet. A busy human, but through and through Lana’s life is given to the dream of being free to explore the world, while living ever-present for people of all walks.

*Lana identifies as non-binary, as uses they/them pronouns

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