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Amy Eklof

Amy Eklof
Teacher/Researcher, 3-6

With over 14+ years of teaching under her belt, Amy thinks of teaching as an art and a practice—a craft that draws on her extensive experience as a classroom teacher and her “on the ground” training as a mother. She loves practicing the PACES philosophy (Patience—Acceptance—Calmness—Enthusiasm—Sense of Humor) in the classroom.  She is attuned to different learning styles and areas of growth (academic, social, behavioral, and emotional) which inform how she connects with each of her students. Each day, she wants to “make the ordinary extraordinary” and provide a stimulating environment that is nurturing, developmentally appropriate, and yes, FUN!

Amy’s dedication to education has taken many forms over the years.  She has held leadership positions on various committees (Character Counts, Curriculum Development, and Technology), and has actively mentored other teachers.  She has taught through the inclusion model and has worked closely with child study and intervention teams as a teacher liaison. She also won Teacher of the Year [in her district] in 2005. Her ongoing education has also included Autism spectrum, Sensory Integration, and Impact on Behaviors, Teachers College Model of Reading and Writing, Differentiated Instruction, Math Investigations, and, most recently, Learning Without Tears.

While teaching is her passion, Amy made a happy detour from her professional career in 2010 to embark on a new adventure—parenthood.  Motherhood continues to be one of the most profound experiences of her life, and she is grateful to be learning from it every day, as it informs her practice and motivates her desire to enrich the individual.

When not working with children, Amy loves reading, watching movies, and gaming with her family (like being the designated gardener in Minecraft). She is passionate about family time, and especially loves playing games and letting loose in family dance parties. She loves hiking, biking, and traveling to other countries. Community service has always been important to her, so she volunteers in leadership roles at local schools and serves the surrounding community as an advocate and activist. 

“Giving information is easy. Forming a thinking mind is hard.”

Bruce B. Clarks

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