To Grade or Not To Grade

Creating opportunities that spark intrinsic motivation. Leaders in the field of education have spent lots of time addressing the question of annual assessment in the form of standardized testing and fashioning report cards. At Voyagers’ Community School, in Eatontown, New Jersey, we understand this is short-sighted. Instead, we dedicate time to discussing intrinsic motivation. What makes students want to do… Read More

Stream Report

As the Outdoor Program continues it’s Weather Unit in Science, student’s have begun writing their own weather reports. After looking at a fishing report from the Gunpowder River in Maryland, students decided that they could write their own daily report for the Husky Brook Stream Report ( During a discussion students brainstormed all the parameters of the Husky Brook that… Read More

Weather Experiments

in the Outdoor Program have been experimenting with various aspects of the weather. Upon returning to school after the holiday break, they began studying the weather, both indoors and out. We have been discussing the out of the ordinary weather that the east coast has been experiencing this winter. Students have many theories as to why it is so warm,… Read More

​Would You Drop the Bomb?

Students in Global Studies class recently completed a study of World War II, perhaps the most turbulent and violent time in world history. While most social studies classes focus on Hitler and the war against Germany, Voyagers’ students learned that it was Japan that the United States initially declared war on (after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7,… Read More


We are back in the outdoors and it is cold. But, it’s supposed to be cold in January, right? Well, then why was it so warm during the holiday break? Students in our class examined this question first thing upon returning back to school after our holiday break. They were asked if they experienced any funny weather during the break…. Read More

Listening To Our Students

Another season has come and our students are asking, “Where is the winter weather?” The Outdoor Program staff is continuously assessing our students interests and looking for ways to approach the next day’s lesson. With such unusual late fall weather leading us into an even more unusual early winter, teachers have been preparing students to be outside in cold weather…. Read More

Collecting Stream Data

  After studying the trees and the land, students have begun focusing on the water. We have begun collecting data, studying and exploring the stream. The question was asked, “How do the plants and trees on the land relate to the water in the stream?” After studying both the land and the water, we will look at how they are… Read More

Protest in the Woods

As students have been reading the World War I Chapter in Howard Zinn’s, A Young People’s History of the United States​, they had the chance to study a few anti-war protestors. Back in the classroom, students discussed the Espionage Act and how it changed the perception of freedom of speech in America. In this activity, the three pictures you see above… Read More

Tree Identification

  Students in the Outdoor Program have been studying the trees for their Science section. Each student has chosen a tree that they have adopted as his or her own. This was not done in one class period. In fact, students hiked through the Arboretum multiple times, observing, drawing and recording data on multiple trees in learning tree identification. They… Read More

Good Book, Bad Book

Outdoor students have recently begun brainstorming what makes a good book or bad book. A few said that they have never read a book they did not like, so the assignment yesterday was for them to write a “bad” book in groups of three. They went to work creating undeveloped characters, nonsensical plots, and disjointed language. One featured the tentative… Read More