To Grade or Not To Grade

Creating opportunities that spark intrinsic motivation. Leaders in the field of education have spent lots of time addressing the question of annual assessment in the form of standardized testing and fashioning report cards. At Voyagers’ Community School, in Eatontown, New Jersey, we understand this is short-sighted. Instead, we dedicate time to discussing intrinsic motivation. What makes students want to do… Read More

Independent Reading

At Voyagers’ Community School, we encourage students to have an independent reading time. Snuggled in corners, sitting in chairs, or laying on the floor, the students settle into their own space with 5 books of their choosing from the school library. They read the books to themselves, and every once in a while share something exciting from their book with… Read More

Join the Banned

In solidarity with the American Library Association, the teachers decided to offer banned books for the first session book club choices this year. According to the ALA website, the Banned Books Week event is held to bring awareness to our right to freely choose the titles we want to read, even if deemed unorthodox by some, and the right for… Read More

Establishing Routines: Math Workshop

Math Workshop has been focused primarily on setting the tone for routines, and establishing habits of learning for the school year. During our first classes each student was invited to explore the math manipulatives the teachers would be introducing during upcoming math classes. Starting a new math program, Investigations, calls for careful planning, particularly because it requires children to use… Read More

Nature Based Learning: The Micro-Hike

This school year, the Voyagers’ Outdoor Program has welcomed students from Voyagers’ grades 3-6 to join in with the Middle School students for one morning a week. The younger group has become comfortable in the outdoors and has started to take on all of the benefits of learning outside. We call this part of our program, Nature Based Learning. The… Read More