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Voyagers' Global

Voyagers' Global

2020 brought a host of unique challenges: one being that parents were expected to become teachers … teachers without a grounding in education and the science and self-mastery that it takes to teach well. If this wasn’t enough stress, we then had to navigate the challenges of how we perform as parents while continuing to perform as productive employees. What we all need is a solution to this added stress. 

Something that takes on the best of remote learning while combining it with the values of a child-led and individualized education. At Voyagers’ we believe we’ve achieved this and would like you to join us on a free webinar. Evaluate what we offer for yourselves. We will focus on:

  • the challenges parents and students are facing while navigating schooling day after day. 
  • the shifting relationship between parents and children, which is increasing anxiety in all aspects of life, fueling disruptive behaviors, and reducing parents’ productivity and focus on their careers. 
  • the effects on learning, pressure on family members, and the impact on employment and career advancement. 
  • How to maximize your time at work while serving your children in the best possible way.

In short: Our goal is to introduce and help you understand the Voyagers’ Global Approach to remote learning. What would a personalized, one-to-one education look like for your child? How would a learning coach, on-call, shift the responsibility of teaching from you to the educator? Imagine the relief felt when your child is fully supported and guided through remote learning.

Live and Virtual Open House Dates

Attend a live virtual open house to experience a better way of schooling:

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