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Indexed Tuition

Indexed Tuition

Why Indexed Tuition?

Voyagers’ is committed to making our school accessible and affordable to families from a broad range of economic circumstances. Therefore, we have instituted Indexed Tuition.

This tuition approach enables families to receive a tuition rate based on their individual financial situation. Families who participate in the Indexed Tuition Program will benefit from fair and equitable tuition rates.

While we expect all families to contribute to the cost of our school, we also expect that the majority of Voyagers’ families will benefit from Indexed Tuition. This will bridge a gap that often seems too wide. If financial concerns are the barrier to admission, we encourage you to apply for Indexed Tuition.

Participating in the Process

Like most independent schools, Voyagers’ uses an outside service to evaluate a family’s ability to pay tuition. Voyagers’ has partnered with FACTS, a company that has spent more than 40 years working to helps schools evaluate each family’s ability to contribute to their child’s education. FACTS provides a high level of confidentiality, expertise, impartiality, and accuracy. We use FACTS as an objective and independent third party. FACTS recommends how much a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition within the preset tuition index. FACTS assesses each family’s financial strength, taking into consideration income, assets, family size, unusual expenses, and the enrollment of other children in tuition-charging schools. They also consider whether a family owns real estate or has other significant investments.

The company accounts for lifestyle choices, other possible sources of funding, and the tuitions being paid by families in similar situations. FACTS helps us by looking carefully at the financial choices families make. We trust families understand the value of a private school education and are committed to making education a top priority. It is impossible for the school to determine the actual level of tuition for a given family until the time an offer of admission is made. Families should complete their online indexed tuition application in a timely fashion. Failure to meet deadlines may prevent the school from determining an indexed tuition rate. The tuition amount assigned to the family may be significantly affected.

What is Indexed Tuition?
Why adopt Indexed Tuition?
Does Indexed Tuition affect the quality of education offered by the school?
Must I complete an application for Indexed Tuition?
Must a non-custodial parent complete an application for Indexed Tuition?
What happens if a non-custodial parent does not complete an application for Indexed Tuition?
Will submitting an application for Indexed Tuition hurt my children’s likelihood of being accepted?
When will we find out the tuition level for our child(ren)?
Does Indexed Tuition continue throughout a student’s time at Voyagers’ Community School?
What happens when a second child applies to enter Voyagers’?
What happens when family members or others contribute to tuition on behalf of a Voyagers’ student?
If I am receiving an Indexed Tuition contract and my financial situation changes for the better, what do I do?
If my financial situation changes and I have a need for assistance that I didn’t have before, what do I do?
If I receive an Indexed Tuition contract but I do not believe that it will enable me to enroll my child at Voyagers’, what should I do?
How will you treat our application if one parent does not work?
When will tuition be set for each school year?
Does Voyagers’ offer financial aid?
Can I make a donation to support the school’s effort to provide Indexed Tuition?
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