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A Stream Is Created

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When most people wake up on a rainy day, their initial thought is to go back to sleep. Our students, on the other hand, they go exploring. When we arrived at the property one rainy morning, we saw that a stream had been created in a place where it hadn’t been before.

"It's because of the rain!" - William, 11

“It’s because of the rain!” – William, 11


Students investigate the new stream and walk to find it's source.

Students investigate the new stream and walk to find it’s source.

As we have been studying Watershed Ecology, studying the stream on the property, where it goes, what lives in it, where it comes from, it’s quality and more, it was exciting to see a new aspect to this in-depth study of the watershed. We literally watched a watershed being created and we followed this new stream from where it began, to where it flowed into the stream that we had been studying for weeks.

"It flows into the stream" - Liam, 11

“It flows into the stream” – Liam, 11

It is pivotal in the Voyagers’ Outdoor program for the teachers to be able to through out whatever lesson plan was prepared for the day in order to follow the students interests rather than ignore an exciting and very teachable moment. Nature offers up science lessons on a daily basis and they can be very easy to find.

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