Technology for Change – Voyager’s Community School

Students ranging from preschool to high school have been working together to test and design video games in the Creative Technology elective. They began by developing a setting for an original game. Ideas included a haunted house, an abandoned factory, a GameStop, and a Wegman’s Food Market. They then chose a conflict to accompany each setting. In order to solve… Read More

Kindness Strips

At Voyagers’ we like to highlight the kind acts that occur in our community, on a daily basis. One of the ways we do this is by acknowledging Random Acts of Kindness with Kindness Strips. On the Lower and Upper level of the school, the staff has placed Kindness Jars with colorful strips of paper inside of them. When someone… Read More

Cold War Figure Project

In Global Studies, our Outdoor School students, grades 6-8, are working on a new project. As the class progressed through World War II and into the Cold War, the teachers put greater responsibility on the students. They were asked to learn about the Cold War through the lens of major figures of the times. Students were given the opportunity to… Read More

Stream Report

As the Outdoor Program continues it’s Weather Unit in Science, student’s have begun writing their own weather reports. After looking at a fishing report from the Gunpowder River in Maryland, students decided that they could write their own daily report for the Husky Brook Stream Report ( During a discussion students brainstormed all the parameters of the Husky Brook that… Read More

Sound Garden for Pre K Students

Just like the rest of the students at Voyagers’, the students in Pre-K produced a project during Project Weeks. For all of these students, this was the first time they had heard of Project Weeks and the first time that they participated in a group project. Throughout the first part of the year the students had had an interest in… Read More

Model United Nations

Model United Nations, or “Model UN”, is a cross between a Voyagers’ Essentials course and an extracurricular activity. Participation on our team is extremely difficult and demands much from the eight high school student-participants, who will travel to Philadelphia next month (Feb. 25-28), with the goal of resolving some of the world’s most pressing issues. Voyagers’ high school students will… Read More

Weather Experiments

in the Outdoor Program have been experimenting with various aspects of the weather. Upon returning to school after the holiday break, they began studying the weather, both indoors and out. We have been discussing the out of the ordinary weather that the east coast has been experiencing this winter. Students have many theories as to why it is so warm,… Read More

​Would You Drop the Bomb?

Students in Global Studies class recently completed a study of World War II, perhaps the most turbulent and violent time in world history. While most social studies classes focus on Hitler and the war against Germany, Voyagers’ students learned that it was Japan that the United States initially declared war on (after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7,… Read More

Project Weeks

As the Voyagers’ Faculty sat and watched all of the 50+ students in our school describe their Project Weeks work, we grew more and more impressed. The children were able to present their ideas, experiences, and outcomes in front of a large audience containing their peers, parents, and mentors. Then we reminded ourselves that they are able to speak clearly… Read More

Unleashing Their Inner Editor

Literacy students have begun to edit their novels from last November’s National Novel Writing Month. This is a painstaking process that pulls everyone out of his or her comfort zone because it can be very difficult to both give and receive constructive feedback. This week students are reading the novel of one of their peers and critiquing it based on… Read More