A Path Appears…

  In early October our high school students were invited to a book lecture/signing of the recently published book, A Path Appears; Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity, by the best selling authors of Half The Sky, Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, at Brookdale Community College. They are the first married couple to win a Pulitzer Prize in journalism, which they… Read More

Testing the Water Quality

  Today, we look at testing water quality. How can we really find out what is in the water? How can we test for the things we cannot see. We know we have some dirt in the water, but does that mean it is polluted? We know that we have fish living in our stream. That must mean it’s suitable… Read More

Identifying the Fish

After exploring the stream and collecting data, students were curious about the fish they caught. What kind of fish is it? On top of that, teachers realized that the students were still unsure if the water in our stream is completely fresh or if it might have some salt water in it. Some students felt they were sure it was… Read More

Collecting Stream Data

  After studying the trees and the land, students have begun focusing on the water. We have begun collecting data, studying and exploring the stream. The question was asked, “How do the plants and trees on the land relate to the water in the stream?” After studying both the land and the water, we will look at how they are… Read More