Protest in the Woods

As students have been reading the World War I Chapter in Howard Zinn’s, A Young People’s History of the United States​, they had the chance to study a few anti-war protestors. Back in the classroom, students discussed the Espionage Act and how it changed the perception of freedom of speech in America. In this activity, the three pictures you see above… Read More

Join the Banned

In solidarity with the American Library Association, the teachers decided to offer banned books for the first session book club choices this year. According to the ALA website, the Banned Books Week event is held to bring awareness to our right to freely choose the titles we want to read, even if deemed unorthodox by some, and the right for… Read More

The Literacy of Nature

Students are reading Ernest Hemmingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea and have been introduced to writers active in the time period they are studying in Global Studies, such as Upton Sinclair and Mark Twain. There is much crossover between these two subjects given that Mark Twain, in particular, can be studied both for his extraordinary literary achievements and… Read More

Voyage Across the Atlantic

Late 19th Century US Immigration The Voyage Across the Atlantic The Journey continues as the family endures medical exams to gain passage onto the German steamship, HAPAG. Once on board, they are directed to the steerage compartment of the ship. In order to help the students understand the crowded, uncomfortable living conditions, they are instructed to lay out their bunks… Read More

Routines to Remember

As the second month of school comes to a close, the preschool students in West 1 are working on routines both in and out of our classroom. The students know to hang their backpacks on the lower hooks right outside of our door first thing in the morning. This is so all of West 1’s backpacks will be in the… Read More