Steel Drum Wildlife

Our Room 2 students, along with a few Room 1 elders, have joined the Voyagers’ Outdoor Program for one morning each week. Middle School students have taken on the role of leading younger students on hikes around the property and generally serving as ambassadors to the natural environment. After being led by their interests and the interests of their classmates… Read More

Tree Identification

  Students in the Outdoor Program have been studying the trees for their Science section. Each student has chosen a tree that they have adopted as his or her own. This was not done in one class period. In fact, students hiked through the Arboretum multiple times, observing, drawing and recording data on multiple trees in learning tree identification. They… Read More

Establishing Routines: Math Workshop

Math Workshop has been focused primarily on setting the tone for routines, and establishing habits of learning for the school year. During our first classes each student was invited to explore the math manipulatives the teachers would be introducing during upcoming math classes. Starting a new math program, Investigations, calls for careful planning, particularly because it requires children to use… Read More