Good Book, Bad Book

Outdoor students have recently begun brainstorming what makes a good book or bad book. A few said that they have never read a book they did not like, so the assignment yesterday was for them to write a “bad” book in groups of three. They went to work creating undeveloped characters, nonsensical plots, and disjointed language. One featured the tentative… Read More

Why Do We Value Nature?

What is the value of nature? Why do we value nature? This is a question that was posed to our students after an indoor activity in which we experienced trade and value using school supplies. In another activity, each student was given 10 pretend gift cards for different purposes and were asked to rank their set from 1-10 depending on… Read More

Trade and Value

As the Voyagers’ Outdoor Program begins our Global Studies class with the age of imperialism, we read Howard Zinn’s A Young People’s History of the United States. Zinn writes, “Before he was elected president, William McKinley had said, ‘We want a foreign market for our surplus goods.’ Senator Albert Beveridge of Indiana spelled it out in 1897. He said, ‘American… Read More

Setting Up The Perfect Habitat

Students in the Outdoor Program have begun setting up their environment in their new classroom. In Science, and before we went out into our new outdoor location, we started discussing what a habitat is. Students were asked what what their perfect habitat might be. These questions were raised: “What is a habitat?” “What habitats do you think we will find… Read More

Natural Navigators

“Natural navigation is the art of finding your way by using nature. It consists mainly of the rare skill of being able to determine direction without the aid of tools or instruments and only by reference to natural clues including the sun, the moon, the stars, the land, the sea, the weather, the plants, and the animals. It is about… Read More