Where Does The Water Go

Where does the water go? This question has been asked over and over in many different situations in the past month. Middle School students have been catching aquatic insects, measuring water quality, exploring what happens to the rain when it flows over the land, studying aquatic ecosystems and creating data collections of their work. We have begun to get a… Read More

Nature Based Learning: The Micro-Hike

This school year, the Voyagers’ Outdoor Program has welcomed students from Voyagers’ grades 3-6 to join in with the Middle School students for one morning a week. The younger group has become comfortable in the outdoors and has started to take on all of the benefits of learning outside. We call this part of our program, Nature Based Learning. The… Read More

A Stream Is Created

When most people wake up on a rainy day, their initial thought is to go back to sleep. Our students, on the other hand, they go exploring. When we arrived at the property one rainy morning, we saw that a stream had been created in a place where it hadn’t been before.   As we have been studying Watershed Ecology,… Read More

What Is A Watershed?

The beautiful thing about being in such a big space with flowing water is that we can actually follow the water without worry about being on private property. When we began to discuss the flow of the water students had a few ideas. Teacher: “Where does the water start? Where does the water go?” Jake, 11: “I think the water… Read More