Water Quality Testing At Voyager’s Community School

This past week, students investigated the water quality of the stream at the property. After catching aquatic macro invertebrates and micro invertebrates during a trip to the Manasquan Reservior, students hypothesized what kind of water quality we have at the property. Often times, students say that freshwater is clean, drinkable water. We ask the question, what is the difference between… Read More

Thoughts In The Yard

Today in the yard my mind full of thoughts , Sandy and I saw some birds floating not flying. Drifting. Circles of winged creatures moving across the sky, clear blue behind them a lonely cloud in my peripherals. Why? What does that feel like? I imagine myself floating in cool water. They look like kites without the strings. I wonder… Read More

Scavenger Hunt

On Tuesday, The Voyagers’ Outdoor Students started to work their way around the new property with our outdoor scavenger hunt (see the download below for a copy). This activity had students catching bugs, using field guides to identify trees and using the map of the property to locate different ecosystems. Rain may have been falling but everyone kept a positive… Read More