We teach all the academic subjects you’d expect.

What’s different is our approach.

A Progressive Infant to Grade 12 School At Voyagers’ Community School, our students grow life skills and intellect while learning traditional academics in a non-traditional environment that prioritizes creativity, curiosity, independence, outdoor exploration, and respect. Middle States Association Accreditation 2017 MSA Accreditation Watch our video to learn more about our school.

Outdoor Learning Experience

Outdoor Learning Experience

The outdoors is one of our best classrooms, all of our students go outside almost every day. In our Outdoor School, for 6-8th graders, nature-based studies is at the center of the experience here at our Eatontown community school.

Students participate in nature walks, hikes, boating, fishing, orienteering, and they study Science, Global Studies and Literacy Studies, all while in nature.

Our Science curriculum features “in nature” labs. Students learn how the local and global environments constantly change. Outdoor learning creates opportunities for active thinking, problem-solving, and cooperation.

Experiments in sight, sound, smell and touch offer a natural learning environment. Students gather data in real-time for real results. These opportunities enable them to respond to challenges and responsibilities in ways not possible in the classroom.

Pre-Kindergarten Eatontown

Creating Curiosity For Higher Learning

The most meaningful explorations in life comes from curiosity. We nurture and develop curiosity and inquiry as a way of life.

Our students are so joyful at school that you have to look closely to see how they work, become individuals, and learn. The way they work sets us apart.

If students have fun collecting bugs, for example, we’ll guide them toward an entomology project, possibly uncovering a newfound love of science.

If students love to tell stories, we introduce them to authors, publishers and book store owners, possibly exposing a writer or business owner.

Curiosity leads to a lifetime of learning and achievement!

Eatontown High School Student Soldering

Creativity At Every Level

At Voyagers’, being creative is a part of learning at all times. Creative expression is integrated into every student’s daily experience in the arts, sciences and the STEAM Lab.

Creative energy molds our entire educational approach, and does not cease when class ends. Children explore and expand their horizons with thoughts from their own mind.

We provide the tools, guidance and safety for children to think creatively and act on their wonderings.

Grade 6-8 Students Collaborating

High Educational Expectations

From their earliest days as a Voyager, we expect a lot from our students. We don’t have much homework, but we do have in-depth project work.

Projects inspire social interaction and decision making within peer groups which is the pathway to maturity. When working together toward a common goal, their minds are focused on the big picture and on their portion of it.

Children who are in control of a project are in control of their learning. They remember deadlines, manage their time, and drill facts so the project comes to fruition.

They learn their strengths and weaknesses, giving them confidence in themselves. We are determined to keep students motivated toward a life of cooperation, integrity, and of course, learning.

Soldering In Middle School

Respecting Student Opinions

Children’s opinions matter; we treat our students with respect. We trust them, have great expectations for them.  We give them plenty of responsibility.

We model respect and students show respect and support to others in return. This is evident in their daily interactions and the service they provide in the community.

Within our school, students help to establish and come to embrace community service. It becomes an intellectual and heart-felt experience.  Children volunteer to maintain our organic garden and care for our many pets.  They run our school store and steward our green initiatives.

Outside our community, they host food, sock and toy drives and visit assisted living facilities. Internationally, they raise funds for wells in Rwanda, orphans in the Philippines and refugees in Darfur.


Mentoring & Tutoring Programs

We pay attention to the learning strategies children use to make sense of the world. We teach, guide, and mentor them with individual focus.

An optimal student to teacher ratio allows for better instruction. Each mentoring teacher is the sounding board, the safety net, the cheerleader and the advisor to Voyagers’ students.

All discussions are confidential, and can range from academic interests, to navigating emotional and social issues. We partner with every high school student to advise them in college selection and the application process.

It is our goal to provide the most comprehensive information and advisement, so families can make informed decisions. We’re here to help your child thrive!

Eatontown Middle School Classes

Learning Through Technology

We offer best-in-class technology for our entire community in our STEAM Lab and all our classrooms.

All kindergarten through high school students have iPads. Our students use professional cameras, 3D printers and animation stations. We offer the most recent and well designed apps to learn computer coding, robotics, and so much more. Even preschoolers and toddlers learn to take still and video images.

Our parents receive daily student updates through pictures, text and audio recordings posted on Seesaw, a digital online portfolio. This keeps parents closely engaged with their child and the classroom.

Ready For you Child to discover Art, Music, Reading, Science, Math and Much More?

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Diane Rappoport
  • Does Voyagers’ offer financial aid?

    Rather than financial aid, Voyagers’ offers indexed tuition. We are committed to making our school accessible and affordable to families from a broad range of economic circumstances. Therefore, we have instituted Indexed Tuition. This tuition approach enables each family to receive an enrollment contract and tuition rate based on their individual financial situation. Families who participate in the Indexed Tuition Program will benefit with fair and equitable tuition rates. While we expect all families to contribute to the cost of our school, we also expect that the majority of Voyagers’ families will benefit from participating in this new Indexed Tuition Program, which will bridge a gap that often seems too wide. If financial concerns are the barrier to admission, we encourage you to apply for Indexed Tuition.  Click Here for more information on Indexed Tution.

  • Is Voyagers’ Community School a good choice for my…

    Voyagers’ is a school choice for  parents who want their children to be excited about school and about learning. Voyagers’ parents develop confidence in a system that’s different from how they were taught. We don’t assign grades in our young classes up through 8th-grade. Also, we don’t give tests or standardized assessments that compare one student’s progress to that of another. Instead, we provide a comprehensive narrative three times each year. Within this report, teachers address all academic areas as well as your child’s social, emotional and intellectual development.

  • How do I apply for admission?

    Admission begins with a personal tour. This is followed by your child grades K-12 attending Voyagers’ for two days, in what would be their classroom. Our younger students, Infant through Preschool will start following a plan decided upon by parents and teachers.  We also gather information from you and from prior and current teachers. We ask parents to fill out an admissions application. There is no application deadline, as we allow for rolling admission.

  • Why use an emergent, hands-on, project based curriculum?

    Children learn more deeply when they are asking the questions and engaging in their designed explorations in our hands-on, project-based environment. Children explore ideas and surroundings and manipulate and experiment with tools and materials. They ask questions, follow their imagination, puzzle over their findings, express their understandings and come to a deeper knowledge. In our upper school, students dig deeply into all subject matter, work closely with teachers, mentors, and professionals in various fields and pursue learning with a can do/will do attitude. We provide all students with a space, the guidance, and the tools to accomplish this.

  • How is Voyagers’ different from other schools?

    We are a close-knit community where children are well known and well cared for. Our holistic viewpoint leads us to hear and support our students’ learning through an emergent, project-based curriculum that is responsive to their interests while providing all traditional subject matter. We stand apart from those schools focused on ranking and categorizing children according to test scores. We define education in terms of process, engagement and an interest in digging deeper for answers. We measure success in terms of intellectual rather than academic development.

  • What are the benefits of a multiage classroom?

    An individual’s skill set is not dictated by age alone. At Voyagers’ Community School children benefit from a multiage classroom because we acknowledge their varied developmental levels and learning styles and take note of the value of these variations among members of the class. We provide each child with the opportunity to mentor and to be mentored by classmates. There is both a leader and a collaborator in every child.